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A swag panda whose name is just Long. No last name. Just Long.

Pandas are bears from China. They are black and white because they were created when black and white movies were popular. Pandas invented the word cute and they also invented fortune cookies. Most pandas are fluent in Mandarin Chinese, except some of the ones born in the US or the ones that speak Cantonese Chinese. Pandas are endangered because there was a big panda war in China in 1973, it was a battle between mythical Chinese dragons and pandas. Many pandas died in the fight but the pandas succeeded in making the dragons mythical again, and destoryed them all. Panda's favorite foods are bamboo, chicken, Mexican, ice cream, fortune cookies and occasionally moo goo gai pan. Pandas especiallly love sleeping, dancing, play-fighting, fighting dragons, chewing bamboo, diving (only on the 5 July of every 4 years), swimming and sleeping. It's very hard being a panda, some panda's I've interviewed have said. Sadly, I interviewed the Darth Vader panda you see below before he horribly murdered poor young female panda Song-Yi and this is what he had to say:


I don't speak chinese so I don't know what he said but he did pull out his light saber after he said that and I immediately ran away. Then Song-Yi came along and I can't describe what happened next, it's too horrifying. Keep an eye out for Darth Vader Panda. He lives in the Atlanta Zoo in Georgia.

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